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jenjen1515's Journal

11 November
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ok I thought I put my WOW stats up here since its my new interest. I have a holy/shadow troll priest on the horde. Im on the blackrock server. I'm currently on level 76 and this is my first character. I started playing cause my bf plays EVE and WOW and he's always talking to his buds and Im like, "I wanna talk to some girls." I don't like how serious the boys are and since I'm new, I feel rushed when I dungeon and guys are so dumb sometimes. After I level to 85, which is slow coming cause I work 40 hours, I'd like to try the alliance side. Anyways, talk to everyone soon!!!

I enjoy blowing my money on designer brands that I have no business buying, but it makes me happy indulging in fine things. I’ve been trying to cut this habit for years now. I realize nothing in this world matters except what you want. The moments that make you happy. Money doesn’t buy that. No one’s perception of you matters. You just have to get over yourself. If you have a partner in this life ladies, don’t yell at your men and give them space. Thank them for bending over backwards for you and GIVE them what they want. If these don’t work, go find yourself or a new man. But don’t take my advice, I still don’t have it right. I claim to be the original “ABC” in the port city and striving to be an asian pop star. Just kidding. I grew up in Wilminghood with my brother from another mother. High school was ok. I can’t believe 10 yrs next yr. College was a blur after freshman yr. Between going to the Dub, hanging with the units, friends, work and some fun here and there, I don’t remember much. Memory loss is kicking in and sometimes I don’t know what I did five minutes ago. Video tape yourself and watch it. You’ll be surprised what you see. I majored in writing and never intended on using it. What’s up my LabCorp peeps! My new plan=retire ASAPLY. We’ll see.

I’ve done random things in life. Never skerd to try the waters, but too skerd to dive in completely. That’s why I’m a mess. I keep my close friends close and everyone else I’ll have to warm up to before I let you in. It’s great to have good friends…thanks guys!! I’m the only child, I love my cell phones, I ♥ my make-up. I raised my Keety man since he was born in 04. He turned out to be so good… I play Xbox cause I’m a geek. (uramofo1515-gamertag!!)

I love Taylor swift cause she’s in love all the time. I love Frankie Vallie and yes sometimes I think I’m Fancy. Hip hop 4lyfe, soulja!! I have horrible taste in music cause my favorite is just the crap on the radio. One day I will delete my FB. Addictive…yes. If you don’t know you should ax me yo and I might tell you. FB just makes it easier to spy.

I just adore my honey. He’s super special. I’m not going to gush you can read about it in my diary online. We are “two of hearts…two hearts that beat as one”. Lol!!! Go Euro-pop or whatever.

He-miny, He-miny! If only Harry Peter was rated R. I love moobees like Nick and Nora, office Space, Forgetting Sarah. I ♥ Mila.

I don’t like people who like to base themselves on status. That’s why I roll alone. I finally drew a blank.

I just read this a few months later and I already feel differently and whatever I wrote up there makes no sense at all lol.
leveling my priest., playing wow